offers courses in foreign languages like 








and also Spoken English & Hindi

        It is ideally suitable for people aspiring to go far higher studies or immigration to foreign countries.

        The language courses are very useful for businessmen and executives who undertake frequent trips abroad and for those who are interested in interacting directly with the buyers and business concerns.  Not only does the new language improve the prospects of the learners but also it makes for the development of self-confidence and better prospects.


Main Features
1. Individual attention is given to each learner.
2. Lingua phone and language lab methods coupled with interactive audio-video sessions enhance the self-confidence of the learners and enable them to express themselves in the languages effortlessly.
3. Timings are adjusted as per the convenience of the learners.
4. Personalised Coaching.
5. Situational approach.

Week-end Courses

       Week-end course are available for those who do not find time in the week days.  Saturdays and Sundays classes are suitable for businessmen, executives and professionals.


       A unique method called lanugage immersion method is followed in  teaching the languages.  The language lab facilities and the Audio-Video packages make learning of any language natural and easy.

       Cultural movies, documentaries and feature films in the various languages make the process of learning more pleasant and useful and enable the learners to feel at home with the chosen language.


       Quality is our hallmark.  Individualised and personalised training is given to each candidate appearing for IELTS.  Time is not a problem.  Apart from enhancing the communication skills of the candidates the training here helps one score more than 7 Band in all the four papers individually.

        The day-to-day progress of each candidate is evaluated meticulously and special attention is paid to perfect their performance in exams.  This accounts for our 100% success rate.

Special Coaching

        Special coaching is given to students who have taken French or other foreign languages a the first language in the Schools or colleges and 100% success is assured.


1. Introduction
2. Alphabets
3. Everyday expressions
4. Grammer
5. Teaching Structures through interactive Audio - Video learning tools like CD ROMs and Cassettes.
6. Vocabulary Building
7. Creating of situations
8. Simulated conversations
9. Fomulating sentences
10. Communication
11. Evaluation
       The course materials are designed in such a manner that a student is able to effectively communicate in the language chosen.


        The process of teaching the language is organised so as to take care of the following objectives.

1. To understand the spoken language
2. To speak in the language with apt accent and pronuniation.
3. To read letters and passages.
4. To read and understand web pages.
5. To write in the chosen language.


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